Slowfood Restaurant ÆNDRÈ

ÆNDRÈ means "change". For her new restaurant Janine Op Het Veld envisioned a place that empowers people in conscious decision making: healthy, clean, calm and casually 100% plant-based.


For the slow food restaurant ÆNDRÈ, Janine envisioned a place with a welcoming, calming and nurturing atmosphere that would bring people together and give her community a home. We designed a space that holistically complements the strong gastronomic concept: with soft colors, honest materials and sustainable furniture. The space has been fully remodeled. Some characteristic elements, such as the vestibule in the entrance, were carefully restored. A new warm grey cast floor and clay paint on the walls form the basis for the new space.


Organic clarity


The central stone counter forms a monolithic block in the room and blends in naturally with its beige tones. Arched openings and organically shaped furniture emphasize the natural softness of the space.


A special pop of color


Smoked oak chairs and tables provide a grounding contrast to the room. The Meltingpot Dining Table is made from recycled plastic and forms the centrepiece of the dining room. It is the perfect splash of colour in an otherwise quiet environment.


This project is a great example of local businesses working together and paying attention to detail. From the production of our custom furniture designs, to finding the perfect wall paint, to the handmade ceramics.