Architecture, Interior and Product Design. Individually created.


We are AENY from Hamburg - a multidisciplinary design collective with a sustainable design approach. We are a handful of creatives with backgrounds in architecture, interior architecture, product design & scenography and love spaces, inside and out! But most of all, we like to use space to tell a story.

We take a holistic view of our projects from various perspectives and develop a mutual vision. Two things that are particularly close to our hearts are high-quality design and a responsible approach to the environment. Together we create spaces for tomorrow.

2022 /
Architecture + Interior


We see our work as a balance of clarity, function and timeless aesthetics. We wish to create spaces that affect and last, that can be experienced visually and haptically. Above all, we believe design means responsibility. With our sustainable design approach, we put great value on short distances and sustainable materials, high quality and consistent design solutions.

We understand sustainability as a process and are constantly educating ourselves in the field of innovative materials, sustainable products and solutions. We are not alone in this. We are in constant exchange with our broad network of partners with similar mindsets. The way we work is participative. We develop rooms in dialogue - at equal level with the people who use them.



As a design collective, we think in different scales and approach our projects from different angles - this way we work holistically and interdisciplinarily. Through many years of professional experience, we combine valuable expertise in the fields of building construction, hospitality, workspaces, brand spaces, retail, exhibition and styling. What unites us is a shared passion for good spaces. We are a team of friends. We are creative, curious and versatile. We are AENY.

01 Interior Architecture
02 Architecture
03 Product Design
04 Scenographie
05 Creative Consultancy
06 Styling
Alina Paetsch
  • Architecture
Kathrin Morawietz
  • Interior Architecture
  • Product Design
Florian Müller
  • Szenographie
  • Product Design
Lena Milz
  • Interior Architecture
Lisa Gerlach
  • Architecture
Alina Paetsch Kathrin Morawietz Florian Müller Lena Milz Lisa Gerlach